Chicago Urban League  Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Privacy Policy 


Confidentiality Policy

The Chicago Urban League and its Consultants will not, either during or after the our programs disclose to any corporation, entity, or person other than CUL and its directors and officers or as otherwise authorized by the Client, any Proprietary Information or trade secrets or other confidential information of the Client.


  • “Proprietary Information” means information, knowledge, and materials related to the designs, know-how, goodwill, trade secrets, or property of Business Entrepreneurship Development Program Clients, CUL, or to the proposed or actual customers, suppliers, or transactions of Program Clients to products, services, systems, programs, designs, inventions, research, discoveries, developments, strategies, methods, or ideas which have been or are being developed or utilized or marketed by the Client.


  •  “Proprietary Information” shall also mean all information that relates to the Client’s financial reports or any of its members, customers, or clients and any other information that is proprietary to the Client.



Marketing Outreach

Participants in the programs may have their likeness, business story, or personal stories of transformation utilized for marketing via the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation newsletter, the Center’s promotional materials, funding applications, the Chicago Urban League Newsletter, or any other Chicago Urban League or National Urban League marketing materials.